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The Goddess Prom

an annual benefit party for Planned Parenthood of Greater TX


Finding Power in the Smallest Action

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 5:46 PM

Common Question:  I think Texas seems to really hate women, especially poor women.  It's a huge state with a huge problem, it's overwhelming, and I feel helpless.  What could I possibly do that would make any difference at all?

Answer:  Set up a monthly donation of $5.

Skeptical Follow-up Question:  What good can $5 do?...

Answer:  A whole world of good.

Scenario:  You decide to set up a monthly recurring donation of $5.  It takes no time at all to set up, and it's automatically deducted so you don't have to think about it.
                  There are 100 guests at The Goddess Prom.  Each guest decides to take this simple action.
                  PP of GTx now gets an additional $500 per month from the Goddess Prom collective donation.  Because of this:
     - Every month, an additional 5 low-income women in Austin will have access to their annual Well-Woman Exam for free.  Most of the time, this is the only time these women see a doctor all year.  At PP, this exam includes screenings for breast and cervical cancer, hypertension, and diabetes.
     - Every month, an additional 18 low-income women in Austin will be able to fill their birth control pill prescription for free, allowing them to remain in control of their reproductive lives and keep their job, or space their children apart in a healthy way, or achieve whatever goals they've set for themselves.

By this time next year, 60 Austin women will have had access to a Well-Woman Exam, and 216 monthly pill prescriptions will have been covered, because each of the Goddess Prom attendees decided to give $5 per month.

The Real Result: 
                Someone who goes in for their Well-Woman Exam will get a cancer screening that will provide her with an early diagnosis. 
Your $5 saved her life.
                A Texas teen who just started a serious relationship will go to PP for birth control and education.  She'll have the tools she needs to retain control of her life, stay in school, and reach her goal of graduating law school. 
Your $5 helped her get her law degree.  (Who knows?  Maybe she'll become the next Governor of Texas...)

If it doesn't matter what you do, then all that matters is what you do.

Question:  Can you do $5?
AnswerI can do that!

With thanks for all you do,


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