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The Goddess Prom

an annual benefit party for Planned Parenthood of Greater TX


When it doesn't matter what you do

Posted on March 27, 2017 at 9:52 PM
I like to think I'm a pretty positive person.  I see the bright side most times, and if I don't see it, I keep looking.  But I have to say... lately it's been extremely hard to see the bright side.  There's been a groundswell of hatefulness that can't be ignored, and it has driven me to the brink of depression.  I know you know what I mean.

So when it came time to organize this year's Goddess Prom, I admit I balked.  What's it for?  Why do this?  It doesn't seem to do a damn thing.  As much as *people* seem to care about reproductive health and rights, the *government*, at EVERY level, keeps chipping away, chipping away at it.  Yes, my little annual event has a small-but-dedicated following, but what does it really DO?  Everything feels so monumentally f***ed, why should I spend so much time and energy killing myself over doing this thing?...

In the throes of this muddled mindset, I went to drinks with a friend in January and we were venting over then-current events.  We started talking about all the charities we've supported over the years and how they're all in danger, especially Planned Parenthood, and the conversation turned to The Goddess Prom.  I showed her the cards I'd had made and she asked about the quote printed on the back.  

"When it doesn't matter what you do, all that matters is what you do."  What did it mean?  Why did I choose that quote to represent this event and the work it does?  Bitterness creeping into my voice, I tried to answer.

"It means you are small.  It means you have big plans, but little hands.  It means you're never going to single-handedly change anything.  There's no way to; you're too small, your circle of influence is too small.  So... the important thing to remember, after realizing how small you are, is that if you allow that feeling of helplessness to paralyze you into inaction, then the bad stuff really has won.  You thought your part was too small, so you didn't do your small part.  When it doesn't matter what you do, then all that matters is what you DO."

And so, of course, in explaining it to her, I reminded myself why this event is important and why I should jump in and do it.  Because it's something I can do.  I don't have a lot of money; hardly any most days.  But I have mad skills when it comes to event planning, and since I work alongside the event industry I have many contacts there, and I'm incredibly organized and detail-oriented, and it's *something I can do.*

This is also why I love the $5-per-month sustaining donation to PP.  It's hardly anything to me; the equivalent of one beer at Pinthouse Pizza.  But a year's worth of those $5 donations will cover a cancer screening or a breast exam at PP for someone who couldn't otherwise afford it, and those screenings save lives.  I can save someone's life.  I can do that.  With five dollars per month.

It's all going crazy all around us; what can WE possibly do?  We can attend events like The Goddess Prom, we can talk to our friends about the importance of PP, we can set up an automatic donation of five dollars a month.  We can, and we must.  When it doesn't matter what we do, all that matters is what we do.

Set up your $5 monthly donation here!

See you at Prom!

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